New hematology kits for RAL Stainer

We present the new MCDH reagent for the RAL Stainer. As we inform you this is a kit for hematological staining.
The MCDH is a method designed by RAL diagnostics of the May-Grünwald Giemsa (MGG). It is used for the differentiation of blood cells and for counting. The main advantage of this method is that it does not use methanol, making it safer than standard methods.
It also allows the standardization of staining that in the case of hematology can become more important than in the Gram because when using manual methods should be diluted some reagents generating variability in the results of staining.
It uses a sequence of 4 reagents to make stains of blood and bone marrow. These stains are compatible with computer automated reading Systems (Cellavision). Staining is done in 11 minutes (standard methods take 20 minutes) and stains are obtained with more definition.
The kits are ready to use and last for 3 weeks once opened. And last about 500 slides.  Once the 500 is exceeded, it is allowed to continue working until 3 weeks of useful life.