Launch FUJI AG1

Introducing the new Fuji Analyzer for hospital microbiology departments and primary care emergency centers.

It is a small point of care analyzer for the diagnosis of Influenza, RSV and Adenovirus. It uses lateral flow technology, like the usual rapid tests, but also applies Fuji’s own technology for signal amplification through silver spheres. It’s up to 16 times more sensitive than regular quick tests. There are currently more than 13,000 units installed in Japan.

The Fuji AG1 system allows a diagnosis and therefore an early treatment to the first symptoms thanks to its increased sensitivity with its amplification system with silver spheres compared to the rapid tests.
In addition, reading through the AG1 eliminates doubts generated by subjective reading of the Test line.

Working procedure
1. Annotate patient identification on cartridge (future models will incorporate connectivity and barcode)
2. Insert the sample into the cartridge
3. Insert the cartridge into the instrument
4. Read the result in 3-15 minutes
5. The result is printed with a photograph of the ID annotated on the cartridge and indicates whether signal amplification has been necessary (the results are then shown in parentheses)
The reading time changes according to the concentration of the virus present in the sample.