RAL presents EPOC-Blood gas analyzer for veterinary medicine

New Blood gas analyzer-EPOC

We present the new Blood Gas analyzer for veterinary medicine. This is a point of care Analyzer of the Siemens brand.

It is portable although it is recommended to have it stable and connected to the mains.
The analyzer works with about 100 Μ l of arterial, venous or capillary blood, are applied directly from the extraction syringe and the results are obtained in 40 seconds. To analyze the gas balance, it should be done only with arterial blood.

The analyzer is adapted for veterinary with the normal values for dog and cat.

Test cards are sold individually and no calibration is necessary. They are stored at room temperature.
In case of failure, the cards will be reposed, provided that the fault is of the card and not of the misuse of the device.
When you put the card, calibration is done and QC, once exceeded, is added the blood. Therefore, if the card fails, it will always be before introducing the blood. If it fails during the introduction of blood, this is for the wrong use by the client.
Therefore, the blood cards will not be reposed. Failed cards must be sent to Barcelona.

We will have a single card model available with the following parameters:
Na +
CA2 +
K +
In addition to multiple calculated parameters: CTCO2, CHCO3-, be (b), be (ECF), SCO2, CHGB, Agapk