Presentation RAL VET 2.0

Introducing the new version of our veterinary software RALVET

Enter the following novelties:

  1. Connection to Hematology Analyzer Urit 5160
  2. Support for Catalan and English language
  3. Unify samples: It is now possible to unify several samples into a single one.
  4. Correction factor: To apply a correction factor to a test.
  5. Groups: Now, when editing a technique it is possible to type the name of a new group.
  6. Calculated techniques: It is now possible to define calculated techniques. In addition, this system can also be used to add fixed correction factors or to convert from BUN to Urea.
  7. Searches: RALVet expands the number of fields to search to locate a sample. Now you can search by chip number, phone, etc.
  8. Send results by email: You can set up Gmail accounts or other mail services.