Clarius-Ultrasound Portable Veterinary

We present the portable ultrasound of the company Clarius, from Canada. It is an innovative product thanks to its ease of use, versatility and portability.

It is used by an application available for Android and IOS, both on Tablet and Smartphone.

The software is adapted to veterinary and allows to work with different applications according to the size of the animal and the area to be evaluated.

The device is available in 2 models:
C7: Microconvex
L7: Linear

The model C7 has a Microconvex probe and the L7 is a linear probe.

Each model is sold with the basic function and there is the possibility to add up to 3 addons (by software) to include new features.

Both models are the same size.

The addons available are the following:

Color Doppler: Allows color display

Pulsed Doppler: Instead of a constant signal it emits short beats. Allows you to study the flow in a specific area.

Virtual PA (phased array): achieves a phased array (a type of transducer) specialized for cardiac ultrasound.

In addition the characteristics to be taken into account in this type of devices are the frequency and the depth.

C7: Frequency of 3-10 MHZ and depth up to 20 cm.
L7: Frequency of 4-13 MHZ and depth up to 7 cm.

More often, lower depth.
According to these characteristics they are used for a type of explorations or other

For animal explorations (dogs and cats), generally, a Microconvex probe ultrasound (C7) is used for its frequency 3-10 MHz.

High-quality abdominal exams can be performed with the C7 model.

Clarius C7 Microconvex Ultrasound Scanner
C7 Microconvex

In addition, the Premium version (with the 3 addons) allows to transform the ultrasound beam into Virtual PA for cardiac tests.

The L7 model is used for superficial examinations by its frequency of 4-13 Mhz (digestive in cat, etc)

Clarius L7 Linear Ultrasound Scanner
L7 Linear


The ultrasound Clarius are turned on in less than 30 seconds and are connected to the application via wireless connection.

The device sends the images to a Tablet or phone application (Android and IOS) that connects to the device and allows to display the image on the screen, modify visualization parameters and capture images.