New NK Monitors


RAL presents a new line of products for the veterinary clinic.

In this way we expanded our catalogue and left the veterinary laboratory. This step is done by the hand of Nihon Kohden, a company with which we have years of experience and with proven quality.

In the case of their line of monitors, they have more than 2000 installed in hospitals in Spain, so they also have the quality to which we are accustomed with their analyzers.

Monitors are used to control the animal’s situation, usually during surgical procedures.

Available Models

We will Offer 4 different models, with 4 and 6 channels, and both options with 10 or 12 inches.
The weight is about 4 kg.

4-Channel Models:

These models use the 4 basic parameters of the monitors:

ECG: electrocardiogram

Respiration: Method by impedance. The traditional pincer that you put on your finger. In the case of veterinary medicine, the clamp is placed in the tongue. The measured parameter is the SpO2.

NIBP: Non-invasive blood Pressure. Like The pressure gauges we have at home, with a cuff. There Are different diameters available.

Temperature: It Is measured by a rectal probe. Up To 2 Channels available

They have 4 dynamic curves on the screen, 2 of ECG, SpO2 and respiration.
Displaying trend charts up to 120 hours of all parameters.
Full-curve Display of the last 120 hours and alarm history.

In the upper part of the monitor there is a warning light. Plus Sound indicator. There Is the possibility of switching off the alarms.

It Also includes an indicator of software arrhythmias.

6-Channel Models:

These models include 2 channels in which, optionally, sensors can be included for 2 new parameters:

CO2: Known as capnography. It Allows a much more accurate follow-up of breathing and detecting problems in intubation much earlier than with impedance sensor. This Is a sensor that goes into the mouthpiece with which the animal is intubated.
In This case it is a Mainstream model because the sensor is in the nozzle. It Is The most used type and the one that has a faster response time. The Sidestream models have the sensor on the monitor itself. They Are used less as they give more problems and the response time is slower.

IBP: 2 connectors for invasive blood pressure. To Monitor the pressure using a sensor placed on a track. In This case there are different cables according to the type (mark) of needle used in the track.

Both models use high-resolution touchscreens that can be used with gloves and without any analog buttons.

The High quality display allows you to view it from any angle unlike most competing products.

The handling is very simple and intuitive. It Offers the possibility to show the numbers in very large size to optimize the visualization from the distance. The information displayed on The screen is configurable.

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