New RAL TB Prep reagent for the preparation of mycobacteria samples

We present to you the new reagent RAL TB Prep for the preparation and decontamination of samples of RAL diagnostics mycobacteria.

The bacterium Mycobacterium Tuberculosis is the bacterium that produces tuberculosis. The disease is suffered by 10 million people a year worldwide and causes 1.8 million deaths. It is diagnosed in different ways: By clinical, radiological, immunological or bacteriological diagnosis (microscope, antibiogram or PCR).

It is important to differentiate M. Tuberculosis from other mycobacteria. These cause lung diseases that are treated differently.

Sample preparation and diagnosis

The sample obtained is sputum formed by dense mucus. It should be treated before testing. Once prepared it can be analyzed under the microscope directly with Auramine or ZN staining, or cultivated for other tests with the positives.

It is important to prepare the sample before analysis for different reasons.

  1. Separate bacteria from the sample to improve visualization and staining.
  2. Eliminate the sputum.
  3. Eliminate the diner flora to allow the visualization of the mycobacteria.
  4. Concentrate the mycobacteria.
  5. Keep mycobacteria alive for cultivation.

The most common form of sample preparation is fluidization and decontamination:

RAL TB Prep Kit

The kit consists of 3 reagents:

                NALC (N-acetyl-L-cysteine): To fluidize the sample

                NaOH: To decontaminate the sample

Neutral pH buffer: To neutralize NaOH and allow the growth of mycobacteria

The kits are for 25 tests and include:

                25 NALC tubes

                2 TB Prep solution tubes

                25 TB prep tampon tubes

The kit is stored at 15-25oC.

The protocol consists of 4 steps and lasts 45 minutes.