The Cera-Chek is a meter-type lactate analyzer.  It works with only 1 Μ l of capillary or venous blood and with individual strips. The results are obtained in just 10 seconds. As in the case of the meters is not necessary calibration, just insert a chip that comes with each kit.
The kits are of 50 strips that are not stored in a refrigerator and have a duration of 3 months after opening the pot.

Clinical meaning
The concentration of lactate in the blood reflects the level of cellular anaerobic metabolism that takes place in the body and is most commonly used as an indicator of tissue hypoperfusion.
Lactate values increase before changes in heart rate, blood pressure, or urine production are observed, making them a more sensitive indicator of hypoperfusion.
The evaluation of lactate is increasingly common in the veterinary field, and at the same time the usefulness of its diagnosis, the monitoring and the information on the prognosis are more and more appreciated.