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New line of Molecular Biology for Veterinary – CREDO

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Publicado el 16/10/2020

We present to you the new line of PCR (molecular biology) for veterinary from CREDO Diagnostics.
This is the first automatic PCR system designed specifically for veterinary. An innovative and unique product on the market.

Analyzer and operation

The device incorporates 4 channels to perform up to 4 simultaneous tests

Sample type
The sample type varies depending on the kit to be used. The sample types used are Total Blood, Stools and Nasal, Eye and Oral Secretions


What is PCR?

Polymerase chain reaction is a molecular biology technique developed in 1986 by Kary Mullis. Its goal is to obtain a large number of copies of a particular DNA fragment, starting from a minimum; in theory it is enough to start from a single copy of that original fragment, or mold.
This technique is used to amplify a DNA fragment; its usefulness is that after amplification it is much easier to identify with a very high probability, virus escenting or bacteria causing a disease. These uses derived from amplification have made it a widespread technique.
This technique is based on the natural ownership of DNA polymerase to replicate strands of DNA, for which alternating high and low temperature cycles are used to separate newly formed DNA strands from each other after each replication phase and, at then let the strands of DNA rejoin so that they can be duplicated again.
Once multiple copies of the original DNA have been obtained, it is easy to detect the presence of the original DNA. Therefore PCR allows us to detect the presence of DNA (present in the viruses and bacteria we are looking for) with a high sensitivity and specificity