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New VCHECK 200

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Publicado el 08/02/2021

RAL introduces the new VCHECK V200 Veterinary Immunoassay Analyzer.

It is an immunochromatography analyzer for the detection and quantification of hormones and other parameters.

Available tests

The following tests are available at launch:


For the evaluation of thyroid function. It allows the detection of hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, the control of the disease and response to treatment.


Test for the detection of hypothyroidism. It is the most effective test for the diagnosis of this disease.


Test for the control of the ovulatory cycle of animals. This test allows you to predict ovulation periods and determine the best times for breeding.


For the determination of the levels of this hormone in the blood. This test has a double function. The first is the detection of diseases related to adrenal function (eg: Cushing's syndrome) and the second is the evaluation of the efficacy of corticosteroid treatments that the veterinarian applies to the animals by measuring them at different times after the start of treatment. .


Used as a marker of venous thrombosis or pulmonary embolism. Rapid diagnosis is essential to minimize the risk of thromboembolic complications


The test is used for the diagnosis, prognosis, and evaluation of heart failure. In addition, it is an indicator of risk of acute coronary syndrome.



Pancreatitis is the most common disorder of the exocrine pancreas in both dogs and cats. Antemortem diagnosis of canine and feline pancreatitis can be challenging. The clinical picture of dogs and cats with pancreatitis varies from very mild to severe or even fatal and is characterized by non-specific findings.

                cPCR (C Reactive Protein)

Canine C-reactive protein. For the detection and monitoring of inflammatory processes in dogs such as those that occur in case of infection. It also makes it possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment.


Feline Amyloid A serum is the equivalent of CRP in cats. It is a marker of inflammatory processes in cats, as well as an evaluation of the evolution of these processes and control of relapses. It is also used for post-surgical monitoring.