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New kit canine Troponin I (TnI) for VCHECK 200

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Publicado el 03/06/2021

We present the new canine Troponin I test for the Bionote VCHECK 200.

Troponin is made up of 3 subunits (I, T and C) that together form the molecule that allows cardiac cells to contract. Among them, Troponin I (TnI) is a sensitive and specific marker of cardiac injury in dogs. Its concentration correlates with the severity of the damage caused.

TnI provides important information for the diagnosis and monitoring of cardiac injuries.

As the name implies, this kit is for dogs only. The feline Troponin I kit is scheduled to be launched at the end of the year.

Joint use with NT-proBNP

The combined measurement of TnI and NT-proBNP provides further information in dogs with mitral valve disease.

Myocardial injury without heart disease

Heart disease can also affect the heart. TnI analysis is necessary to discover if myocardial injury has occurred in critically ill patients.

Some of the diseases that can cause increases in the concentration of TnI are:

- Systemic inflammation

- Anemia

- pancreatitis

- Cancer

- Respiratory disease

- Parvoviral enteritis

- Other infectious diseases (leptosiprosis, leishmaniasis, ehrlichiosis)

Kit Specifications

Works with 100ul of sample

Analysis in 10 minutes

Measurement range: 0.01 - 20 ng / ml

Storage: 1-30ºC