Veterinary Congress AVEPA SEVC 2018

We are waiting for you at the Congress AVEPA SEVC 2018 to be held from 18 to 20 October in Madrid. You can visit us in our stand 108 to know our analyzers for the veterinary laboratory. We will present our new hematology analyzers, the Urit 5160, and electrophoresis.

Launch Hematology Analyzer URIT 5160

RAL presents the new Hematology Analyzer for veterinary Urit 5160. It is a 5-population analyzer with laser technology for cell differentiation. It also allows to analyze the reticulocytes in case the client believes it is necessary. As with our other veterinary analyzers It is a device designed specifically for this market. Includes 13 programmed species…

New line of stains manuals from RAL diagnostics

We present the new line of products for stains manuals of RAL diagnostics. Due to the success of the RAL Stainer, we have basically focused on the stains of Gram and Auraminas. KIT RAL 555 The same kit that we have for the Ral Stainer but in manual version. This is a quick hematology stain….

New EasyLyte Models

RAL introduces the new EasyLyte Expand model for which there are 3 different configurations: Na +, K +, Cl-, CA2 + Na +, K +, Ca2 +, PH Na +, K +, Ca2 +, L The first two are also available for the veterinary model.

RAL presents EPOC-Blood gas analyzer for veterinary medicine

New Blood gas analyzer-EPOC We present the new Blood Gas analyzer for veterinary medicine. This is a point of care Analyzer of the Siemens brand. It is portable although it is recommended to have it stable and connected to the mains. The analyzer works with about 100 Μ l of arterial, venous or capillary blood,…

RAL present in the channel HealthEpet

RAL is present in the new video of the Youtube channel HealthEpet. The video is dedicated to the analyses in the veterinary laboratory, emphasizing the blood tests. For the recording Ral yielded its analyzer of biochemistry MNCHIP PointCare V2, for hematology the MS4s, for coagulation the qLabs and the Uriscan for Urines.

New analyzers and tests for the international market

Ral presents a new line of automatic analysers and quick tests for the international market. With the aim of improving the catalogue for our distributors, we present 2 new biochemistry autoanalyzers and a complete line of rapid tests. In addition, we are also looking for new distributors. Clima MC-200 The evolution of our climate line…

Iberzoo + Propet 2018

We are waiting for you at Iberzoo + Propet 2018, the international fair for the pet professional from the 15th to the 17th of March at IFEMA in Madrid. You can visit us at our stand 10A04 to know our analyzers for the veterinary laboratory.

RAL at the Congress alandalus Vet 2018

RAL will be attending from 2 to 3 March to the Congress Alandalus Vet to be held in Sevilla. In our booth the visitors will be able to know for the veterinary laboratory, as well as to have different offers during the Congress. We wait for you!

New Lactate Analyzer

We present the new Veterinary Lactate analyzer. It is a small meter type measurer of the Korean company Green Cross. The analyzer works with only 1 Μ l of capillary or venous blood and with individual strips. The results are obtained in just 10 seconds. As in the case of the meters is not necessary…