Maglumi 1000


Chemiluminiscence Immunoassay system
Up to 15 reagents on board
Up to 144 samples in primary tube
Throughput up to 120 determinations/hour
First result between 17 and 40 minutes
Integral reagents with built-in calibrators and controls
Identification of reagents by RFID (radio frequency) avoiding possible errors with bar codes
Direct entry by RFID of Master curve, lot number, expiration date and number of method
Possibility of placing more than one reagent of the same technique
Recalibration of 2-point techniques
Continuous work loading
Optimization of the working process of the laboratory and of the personnel dedicated to its realization
Work by RANDOM mode (samples) or batch (methods)
Emergency tests
Bidirectional Host-Query communication
More than 100 available methods
Touch Screen