Panel-LIMS has a series of features designed to allow you to manage the laboratory in a powerful way without sacrificing agility and ease of use.
List system — the information you always need visible.
Automatic results: Avoids errors by connecting Panel directly to your scanners
Techniques: Maximum control in the definition of techniques and alarms.
Automatic billing: Invoicing to insurance companies quickly and without errors thanks to automatic billing.
Printing: Two print engines allow you to customize and extract any system information.
Safety: Panel-LIMS complies with the LOPD.
Web Publishing: Access to the results to doctors and extraction centers.
Possibility of use with VPN or Teamviewer to work in remote (not supplied by RAL)
Connection to all RAL units. And most of the equipment on the market
Two jobs.
Customization of the reports by RAL.
program updates.

The information you need is always visible