PointCare V2



The PointCare V2 works with rotors of up to 14 parameters and with only 100 µ L of blood, serum or plasma. The dimensions are very tight and fit into any clinic. The measurements are 175x125x210 mm with a weight of only 2.5 kg. The rotors carry a QR reader to identify them easily and without errors, the analysis procedure requires less than 1 minute of work and the results appear in a maximum of 13 minutes.

The rotors available are as follows:

  • General Panel (14 parameters – ALB, ALP, ALT, AMY, BUN, CA, CRE, GLOB, GLU, P, TBIL, TP, CHOL, CK)
  • Preanesthesia Panel (6 parameters – ALP, ALT, BUN, CRE, GLU, TP)
  • Preanesthesia Panel + (9 parameters – ALP, ALT, BUN, CRE, GLU, TP, AST, CK, LDH)
  • Renal/Hepatic Panel (10 parameters – ALB, ALT, CRE, BUN, GGT, TBIL, GLU, TP, GLOB, AST)
  • Hepatic Panel (10 parameters – ALB, ALP, ALT, GGT, TBIL, weak, powertrain, TP, GLOB, AST)
  • Renal Panel (6 parameters – ALB, BUN, CRE, P, TCO2, CA)
  • Electrolytes Panel (7 parameters – CL, K, NA, TCO2, CA, P, MG)
  • UCI Panel (8 parameters – ALT, BUN, CL, CRE, GLU, K, NA, TCO2)
  • Bird / Reptile Panel (12 parameters – TP, ALB, AST, CK, GLU, UA, CA, P, K, NA, CL, TBA)
  • Large Animal Panel (10 parameters – TP, ALB, AST, GGT, ALP, CK, BUN, CA, P, MG)
  • Ammonia Panel
  • Select-3 Panel (3 parameters to choose – TP, ALB, TBIL, ALT, ALP, CK, CHOL, GLU, AMY, CRE, BUN, CA, P)
  • Diabetes Panel (4 parameters – TG, CHOL, GLU, FRUC)