RAL, technical Laboratory, S.A. It is a company dedicated to the research and development, production and commercialization of instruments and reagents of chemical-clinical analysis for the in vitro diagnosis, with the search of the maximum quality standards, the protection of the environment and the Security of people as fundamental values.
We aspire to be one of the most avant-garde companies in healthcare products technology for in vitro diagnostics, with quality and innovation as benchmarks of our work.
Our challenge is to be a leading company in the sector in terms of quality, respecting the environment and promoting the improvement of working conditions, in order to raise the levels of safety, health and well-being of our workers.
Therefore, the Company’s action strategy is based on the following principles and commitments:

To obtain the maximum satisfaction of our clients, attending their necessities and meeting their requirements and expectations.

Strict compliance with existing legislation regulating in-vitro diagnostic health products and other legal requirements, as well as those to which the organization voluntarily subscribes.

The rational use of resources and the prevention of pollution from our activities, taking into account environmental criteria in decision-making.

The incorporation of the preventive management in all the activities of the company, with the aim of improving the occupational health of our personnel, converting the prevention in responsibility of each and every one of the workers of the company.

The total commitment and personal assessment of the human team in all areas of the company to achieve a service vocation with the efficiency and efficiency required to provide the highest quality of our products.

The permanent training of our employees, consolidating a qualified team, aware and motivated.

The impulse of an adequate internal and external communication that allows an effective dissemination of the initiatives of RAL, technique for the laboratory, S. A in the matter of quality, environment and prevention of labour risks, assuring its understanding and fulfillment.

Apply a risk-based approach in all our processes, continuously monitoring them and establishing relevant corrective and preventive actions.

The continuous improvement of integrated management, establishing viable objectives and targets in all areas and periodically monitoring them, to control their compliance and adequacy. This policy is constituted as a framework of reference for the achievement of the same.

We are convinced that this is the only way of development that guarantees a consolidated company growth base. The results of RAL, technique for the laboratory, S. A will act for the benefit of its clients, its suppliers, its employees, and the whole society.