Since 1980, RAL develops its activity in the field of the diagnosis in vitro in clinical laboratory, both in the aspect of the human medicine and in veterinary, commercializing all type of equipment for the realization of the principal biochemical techniques, Hematological and coagulation, but above all contributing the added value of an after-sales service involved in the formation and resolution of problems in situ.

“We focus on offering added value to the customer, so those who have our technology provide better service to the end customer”

RAL currently has a workforce of more than 50 workers, 30 of them develop their activity in the commercial or technical assistance field, covering the whole national territory.

Thanks to the wide range of resources and services available, RAL is able to promote the personalization of the service depending on the size and analytical needs of the center and always advising the client to choose the most suitable products for his business, Both at the scientific and economic levels.


At RAL we have the following ISO certifications:

ISO 9001: 2015
ISO 13485: 2016
ISO 14001: 2015