Use of primary closed-loop urine and continuous-load sampling.
Simple sample management with custom settings for each analysis profile.
Reading of bacterial growth made by laser (Light Scattering ®) and detection at 30 ° and 90 º.
Results expressed in CFU/ml.
Visualization of the growth curves in real time.
Turbidimeter integrated with Mc Farland Monitor.
Internal barcode reader for automatic sample identification.
Universal Rack that adapts to different tube sizes.
Incubation at 37 º.
Bidirectional connection and Host Query.

Software in Castilian with touch screen and interactive.
Standard scan time: 3h.
Built-in automatic seeder
Possibility of urine seeding with positive screening; All Urines or urines at the user’s option
Seeder capacity of 240 plates (12 columns of 20 plates).
Up to 12 different culture media
Plate Cooler Module.
Plate incubator module.
Barcode generator for the plates.
Database for epidemiological studies.
The connection to HB&L is available for higher performance and productivity.
Pipetting Speed: 60 samples/hour