NG Tests


RAL introduces the new line of NG Biotech rapid tests for antibiotic resistance detection.

Antibiotic resistance
The problem of bacterial resistance to antibiotics is a cause of concern in recent years, especially in Spain. 700,000 people die every year in the world and 25,000 in Europe because of these resistances. The Directorate-General for Health of the European Union recommends the preparation of action plans against these resistances.
Because of this, rapid detection of resistance and characterization are essential to combat resistant bacteria, administer appropriate therapy, prevent new infections, improve health systems and optimize health budgets.
NG Biotech has worked to develop a new generation of multiplex rapid tests based on the use of monoclonal antibodies. These tests detect enzymes secreted by bacteria that reflect their resistance profile.

Available tests
NG-Test CTX-M: Detection of bacteria resistant to lactams antibiotics. Mainly Gram-negative bacilli.

NG-Test Carba: Detection of bacteria resistant to carbapanémicos antibiotics. Detects the Carbapanemasas. The analytes detected are: NDM-1, OXA-48, KPC, VIM-1, VIM-2, IMP-1 and IMP-2.
In this case it is a multiplex test. Different analytes are detected independently. A Test line appears (if positive) for KPC, OXA, VIM, IMP and NDM, in addition to the control line

NG-Test MCR: Detection of bacteria resistant to colistin. Detects the MCR-1 analyte.