Urit 2900

URIT 2900

Haematological analyzer of 3 populations and 21 parameters
Determination of: Hematites, Leukocytes, Platelets, Hemoglobin, Hematocrit, Medium Corpuscular Volume, Medium Corpuscular Hemoglobin Concentration, Medium Corpuscular Hemoglobin, Lymphocytes (% and Abs), Monocins (% and Abs), Granulocytes (% and Abs), Index of distribution of Hematies, Desv. standard of the distribution index of Hematies, Platocrite, Medium Platelet Volume, Platelet Distribution Index, Platelet Ratio, P_LCC, P_LCR

3 histograms for RBC, WBC and PLT
Species: dog, cat, horse, pig, buffalo, rabbit, monkey, rat, mouse, sheep, goat, camel and three additional species
Speed of 30 samples/hour
10.4 inch touch screen
Sample volume 10 L.
Connection with our RalVet veterinary laboratory management program for data management and results printing.