Wellion Belua


The WellionVet Belua Meter is a safe and accurate instrument with backlit retro-display and large, easily readable digits.
It allows to measure the blood glucose and ketone levels of animals, especially cats and dogs.
It uses strips easily removable by an ejection button and replaceable code chips depending on the parameter to be analyzed and the animal species.
6 warning alarms can also be programmed to perform the analyses and ensure satisfactory treatment.

For the measurement of glucose you only need 0.8 µ L of fresh capillary or venous blood and it allows to store 500 results in your memory.
The scan time is 6 seconds.
For the measurement of ketone it takes 0.8 µ L of blood and 8 seconds for analysis.
Stores up to 100 results in memory.
This meter is calibrated for plasma although it is only used with capillary or total blood. Therefore it gives values equivalent to those that would be obtained in plasma in a traditional laboratory analyzer.